Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines how MBN LLC (“Mucci Law Firm”) gathers, uses, shares, and protects the information that you provide while using the website. Mucci Law Firm is committed to the security of all private, personal, and confidential information and agrees to use and protect all information pursuant to the terms below. Please note that your use of the website constitutes as an agreement to the below terms of this privacy policy.

What information is gathered and how it is used.

The Mucci Law Firm website automatically gathers information through “cookies,” which are small pieces of data, stored on your device by the web-browser you use, to enhance your browsing experience. This can include user-browsing data on the Mucci Law Firm website. Any information gathered through cookies will not be shared with others outside the Mucci Law Firm organization. All information is gathered by default when users interact with this website. If you do not want to share micro-data with Mucci Law Firm, you must turn off cookies in your browser’s advanced privacy settings. The Mucci Law Firm website users may be prompted by the site to provide additional personal information and may include the user’s name, e-mail address, phone number, along with inquiries or comments, or other additional data. Users should never provide sensitive personal or financial information on the website. Users should never provide their social security number, driver’s license number, date of birth, debit or credit card numbers, financial information, or any other information aside from the information requested such as contact information. If a user provides any sensitive personal information, Mucci Law Firm is not responsible or liable for any inappropriate use or dissemination of such information. Providing sensitive, confidential, or private information at the risk of the individual user. Mucci Law may provide your information to third-party legal partners, affiliates, employees, contractors, experts, or any other person or corporation necessary to best represent you and further your legal interests.

How Mucci Law uses your information:

Mucci Law Firm may use of any information gathered through this website in the following ways, including but not limited to:

contact the user for follow up legal consultation or representation unless the user specifies not to contact them directly; contact users with relevant updates about Mucci Law Firm that may influence any case or potential legal interests; answer any stated inquiries or respond to relevant legal issues concerning the user’s inquiry; establish or amend different types of contracts between the user and Mucci Law; run routine analysis of web-based user statistics; collaborate with third-party legal partners, affiliates, or experts.


Pursuant to the regulations and standards of the legal profession, Mucci Law treats all client, or potential client information as required by industry standard ethics and practice requirements. Mucci Law Firm agrees to refrain from sharing client or potential client information with others , unless doing so is necessary to further the client’s or potential client’s legal interests or as required by law. Any information shared by Mucci Law Firm is subject to the applicable law regarding attorney-client privileges, unless the privilege and confidentiality is authorized, waived, and/or directed by the client or potential client.

Attorney-Client Relationship

Any act to share confidential or privileged information, or any request by the user for a consultation does not create an attorney-client relationship and any failure by Mucci Law Firm to contact the user shall not result in any breach of duty by Mucci Law Firm. An attorney-client relationship is not formed until both the user/client and an attorney acting on behalf of Mucci Law Firm agree to representation. Until and unless the user/client and an attorney acting on behalf of Mucci Law Firm agree to representation, then any communication or sharing of information constitutes as merely an interest to contract for legal representation.