Thomas J. Budd Mucci

Thomas J. Budd Mucci

Thomas J.
Budd Mucci

Founder & Principal Attorney


J.D: The University of New Mexico
Master’s in history: University of New Mexico
Undergraduate: Vassar College & The University of New Mexico

Over the last two decades, Tom has transformed a standard succession planning practice into a team of specialized trust & estate litigators. Since founding the Mucci Law Firm, Tom’s primary focus on litigation has enabled him to develop the teams and strategies necessary for efficiently navigating trust disputes. Due to the complexity of these contests, Tom’s legal and networking expertise are sought after by clients and fellow attorneys alike.

Whether planning or challenging a trust or estate, Tom draws from an array of legal experience: his secondary areas of practice include bankruptcy, personal injury, contracts, and business law. Tom’s success as an attorney, however, is a result of far more than his legal knowledge alone. Prior to admission to the NM bar, Tom taught as a professor of history at the University of New Mexico. He also currently has a stake in numerous real-estate, automotive, and consumer businesses.

Tom’s unique academic and entrepreneurial background enable him to approach legal issues with both a refined academic perspective and intense business pragmatism. He recognizes the historical and legal patterns behind each case and adapts his legal strategy accordingly. His understanding of contracts and business ventures give him an edge over narrowly focused career-lawyers. In business and law alike, Tom is a networking specialist. After analyzing the complexity of trust and estate issues, Tom collaborates with his network of attorneys and experts to assemble specialized litigation teams. Through this strategy, Tom has successfully won trust and estate clients awards up to 22 Million dollars.

When he is not practicing law or overseeing business ventures, Tom enjoys swimming, boxing, driving, and spending time with friends and family in New Mexico.