Trust Litigation

Work with an experienced litigation team


Mucci Law works with individuals and families, trust companies, banks, corporations, charitable organizations, trustees and executors, and other parties who find themselves engaged in trust and estate disputes. We prioritize attorney-client communication to assure that our legal strategies align with your rights, options, goals, and objectives.


Our legal team counsels clients at all stages of an estate dispute, including the investigation of initial claims, determining whether to bring a claim, filing and defending claims, and litigation. Our most common disputes include:

  • Will disputes: Whether the dispute is related to ambiguity, undue influence, or fraud, the legal team at Budd & Associates will help you determine how to proceed.
  • Trust disputes: We represent beneficiaries and trustees in trust disputes involving failure to properly inform and report, breach of fiduciary duty claims, and trustee removal.
  • Guardianship disputes: Our legal team regularly advises clients on guardianship matters, which can lead to later will and trust disputes if left unresolved.